Land Search Number 5 Bazillion

OK…so we haven’t technically been out scouting for land 5 bazillion times, but it sure seems like it when your 2 year old’s social graces have run out.

Last weekend we visited a 20 acre property in Winchester. Scott liked it. I did not. Scott felt like it was just the right amount of privacy. I felt like I was choking from isolation. Scott wants to hear his voice echo through the empty hills and I want a church, a Trader Joe’s and a Starbucks within 5 miles of my primary dwelling…just keeping it real, people.

These views, though…

2016-5-22 (1 of 8)2016-5-22 (2 of 8)2016-5-22 (3 of 8)(Aden insists upon bringing his light sabers on each trip…you know…just in case)

AND THEN there was this property. These scrumptious 5 acres on a hill in Tenaja. The owner, Jim, met us at the gate with dusty, working hands and a warm smile. I liked him right away. The kids ran and explored, watched the horses on the neighboring hillside and giggled beneath an old Oak. Exactly what I pictured them doing at West Carolina someday.2016-5-22 (4 of 8)2016-5-22 (5 of 8)(I spy crazy-faced Ava)2016-5-22 (6 of 8)2016-5-22 (7 of 8)(Scott, Jim and Oaks that may or may not have called it quits)2016-5-22 (8 of 8)That property is about $100,000 more than I’d like it to be, but we’re keeping an eye on it. I’m hoping that sweet Jim will call us and tell us that he can’t stop thinking about our adorable children and plantation dreams, and that he’s going to give us his land for a steal of a deal. A girl can dream, right?

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