Our Business Plan

The unofficial Building West Carolina business plan. This little piece of paper is what we drew when we were trying to explain the dream of West Carolina to our babies three years ago. I’m no artist, but I must say, my kids were thoroughly impressed by my illustrations. It’s traveled with us from house to house and we keep it taped up inside one of our kitchen cabinets. Also, yes, the barn ended up looking more like the manger Jesus was born in and less like a barn as we went along. Also again, yes, this is a horrible iPhone picture and I don’t care. Making everything look lovely and pastel and styled all of the time is exhausting. #overit

Every time we open the cabinet to grab a coffee cup, the business plan smiles at us, calls to us.

I’m still here.

I matter.

Keep going. You’ll get there. 

Here’s how it breaks down, just incase my world class drawings aren’t clear enough for ya.

Phase One: Purchase land a build the cottage. The cottage will be the home that we live in while the rest of the project is being developed. It will also eventually convert into a bridal/groom getting ready suite when we have the plantation house built and are ready to move in there.

Phase Two: build the barn and develop the land a bit more. Once the barn is constructed, we will be ready to host events at West Carolina!

Phase Three (and this one’s a doozy): build the plantation house. It will take us years to get here. Ideally, the land and cottage will be 100% paid off before we jump into building an authentic, Southern mansion. Think Gone With The Wind, people. In my heart, I just want Aden to live in the plantation house before he graduates high school. That’s my own, personal timeline. I want him to think of that house as the home he will come back and visit. I don’t know why. The mother in me really, really needs this to happen.

SO, that’s how we’re going to make this happen. 3 phases over a period of years.

Yes, we’re crazy. 🙂

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  • Katie and Scott,

    This is so cool. I am excited to see your adventure unfold and you’re so going to make it as awesome as can be. I love your illustration and the idea of hanging it right where you’ll see it — behind the coffee cabinet door. That is something I am going to borrow for my goals / to-do lists. Heck, I open it up enough times during the week, am I right?! 😉

    Just wanted to stop by and say I think this is such a cool idea you guys have and I wish you all the best. I’ll be following along to see you make it happen! You got this!



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